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A Short Guide to Cloud Computing by Adam Deering

Hello! Adam Deering here again.

As you may have seen in the news recently, multinational technology and consulting corporation IBM recently announced that they will provide OpenStack integration and cloud virtualisation and management capabilities across their sever portfolio, enabling businesses to more easily adopt and utilise the cloud with existing infrastructures. Further committing to the future and growth of cloud-based computing.

But why invest in cloud computing? What’s it all about? Well, cloud computing has grown a lot, even in its short existence, and its definition and applications are constantly changing. But, the cloud is the future, and if you don’t know about it, then now is the time to find out.

Server Adam DeeringWhat is the cloud?

Cloud computing involves the distribution of computing over a network of remote servers on the Internet to manage, collect and process data, opposed to more traditionally used local servers or personal computers. And although the description takes some digesting, it’s the benefits of cloud computing that make this IT revolution so important.

Until cloud computing, everything was measured in hardware. If you needed more storage, more data, then you needed to update your hardware. But with cloud computing, various computers, servers and data storage systems can be unitised off site when they are needed.

Cloud for business

This shift in back-end control has led to the massive benefits of business IT flexibility supplied by cloud services; where businesses can now control their IT capabilities.

Now businesses can streamline their IT infrastructure; increasing accessibility, flexibility and processing power whilst eliminating the need for excess hardware costs, sever storage, software fees and excessive IT support.

As cloud computing continues to grow and evolve, the applications of this relatively new technology are only going to become more refined. We’re not only going to see a massive increase in Private, Hybrid and Public applications, but the security and reliability of the industry is also bound to advance.


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